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Singer: Zanadu
Location: New York
Genre: Reggae / Roots Music / Rythm and Blues
Influences: John Holt, Frankie Paul, Sanchez and Thrilla U.

Official Zanadu Music is all About Zanadu Born 'Charles Ennis' in the parish of Kingston,Jamaica.
He went to reside in the first capital city Spanish Town in St Catherine. His singing ability was acknowledge @ the age of 15 yrs old singing in the name "Liitle Rose" in school concerts.
From there, he went to performed on community sound system name Black Spider along with Lilly Melody and Malibu.

He was introduced to the legendary and Late King "Dub Inventor" Tubbys in Waterhouse. Being around King Tubbys, he was given the name "HogHead" and did his first recording "My Company" on the Waterhouse Label. With the death of King Tubbys, his personal producer, he went to Black Scorpio and record "Sure Shot","Over You" and Toni Braxton hit "Love Should Brought You Home", "Love Me Bonfide" and "Rapture" on Tarus Label,"Love Letters" and "The Gathering" with Richie Stepens, Mikey Melody & Dave Kelly on the Dennis Star label, "How Can I Ease The Pain" & "Love Me Please" for Stone Love.

In 1994, he migrated to the USA and change his name to Zanadu with means flowers.
He then link with 2 time Reggae Grammy Award winning DJ Shabba Ranks and began touring as his vocalist and Road Manager.
He just did the Glee Festival in Brussel,Belgium with Shabba Ranks & the E.R.E. Emperor Ranks Entertainment .

In 2011 he is working with Mightyful13's Fitzroy Francis collaborated and produced the tribute single "Trade Winds" on the "Mighty In Battle" which become a hit on the NY Top 30 Chart and BBC'3 UK Chart.
He also recorded his second single "What Happening Now" on the "Essence of Life" riddim which also become a hit on the chart for Mightyful13 label.
Today Zanadu is a Mightyful13 Record recordings Artist and his new single "Touch Me Baby" will be out soon.


1) HogHead's Singles: (1988 - 1993)
.1988 - My Company - [Waterhouse Label]
.1990? - Sure Shot - [Black Scorpio Label]
.1990? - Over You - [Black Scorpio Label]
.1991 - Crush - [Mixing Lab Records]
.1992? - Love Should Brought You Home  - [Black Scorpio Label]
.199? - Love Me Bonfide - [Tarus Label]
.199? - Rapture - [Tarus Label]
.199? - Love Letter - [Dennis Star Label]
.1993 - The Gathering  (with Richie Stepens, Mikey Melody & Dave Kelly) - [Dennis Star Label]
.1993 - How Can I Ease The Pain - [Stone Love Records]

2) Zanadu's Singles: (1994 - Present)
.1994 - Love Me Please - [Stone Love Records]
.1994 - Body Is Calling - [Black Scorpio Label]
.199? - Done It With Baby - [Junk Yard Records]
.199? - Reminiscence (Terry Ganzie & Zanadu) - [Junk Yard Records]
.199? - Togetherness (Grizzly Cat Feat. Zanadu) - [Nine Life Label]
.199? - All Over The Word - [? Label]
.199? - We've Got A Love - (Wilyn Records)
.199? - I Need Love - [D And S Unfailing Label]
.199? - If You Ask Me To - [Supa Jay Records]
.2012 - Trade Wind - [Mightyful13 Records/VP Records]
.2012 - What's Happening Now - [Mightyful13 Records/VP Records]

3) Zanadu's Album: (1994 - Present)
.199? - We've Got The Love

4) Collaboration & Guest appearance:
.2005 - She's My Girl - [From the Compilation "Stricly For The Ho Gals" - (Chinaman Records Label)]

Zanadu - Discography:

Zanadu' s Singles:

.2012 - Trade Wind - [Song includes in the "Mighty In Battle Riddim EP"]
(Original Press):
Singer: Zanadu
Song: Trade Wind
Format: Digital Single
Produced by Fitzroy Francis
Label: Mightyful13 Records/VP Records

Buy Digital Release at Itunes - Amazon - Junodownload

.2012 - Zanadu "What's Happening Now" on the Riddim "Essence Of Life"
(Original Press):
Singer: Zanadu
Song: What's Happening Now
Format: Digital Single
Produced by Fitzroy Francis
Label: Mightyful13 Records/VP Records

Buy Digital Single at Amazon - Itunes - Junodownload

Zanadu - Contact:
Youtube Channel
U.S.A. Phone: +1646 391 4241
New York: *4214

Email for Bookings & Media:

More informations at:

Zanadu "Trade Wings" (Music Video)

Zanadu "What's Happening Now" (Music Video)

Zanadu "We've Got The Love" (Music Video)

Zanadu "Love Me Please" (Music Video)


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Discography by Weststar & Zanadu

Special thanks to Fitzroy Francis & Anjahla Selassie

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