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ASFA - PROFILE (Reggae Singer)

[Updated: January 2013]

A S F A  -  P R O F I L E    ( R e g g a e   S i n g e r )

“Music is the food of life and I want to be the host of the feast.” So says Asfa a brand new contender in the reggae music arena.

He is fulfilling his self prophecy with the hot single Not The Life which has charted on several countdowns like The Jamaica Top 25 Reggae Chart , Australia Reggae Chart, Bess FM Culture Chart, Holland Top 25 Reggae Chart and New York Top 30 Reggae Chart.

He was born on July 25th, 1978, and christened Asfa Whyte. His beginnings was a humble one living in a tiny wooden house, in Bedward Pasture a.k.a Dread Heights, in Kingston, with mother Lileith McDermott and father Carl Whyte. He entered into the world as the fifth child of ten siblings. Musical ambitions would be stirred in the young man as his father popularly known as Zebby, a Rastafarian and a member of The Twelve Tribes of Israel sect, would eventually become the road manager for several artists most notably Freddie McGregor.

As a youth, he himself started to exhibit musical talents. He would use whatever natural means he could, to concoct music, the music that fed life into his soul. As his passion grew , Asfa started venturing out into the music world. He joined local musicians that lived in his community, playing with sound systems such as “Travellers”, “Fwresh International”, “Mega Star,” “Dan Force” and “Super G”.

Later on in his life, Asfa realized that he wanted to do more than just playing other artist’s music, he wanted to produce his own. He penned his first song , “King Jesus” a gospel music hymn. He also worked with artists like Judy Mowatt, who recognized Asfa’s talent. He was on his way to fulfilling his dreams, but they were somewhat deferred when his father, who had been in the U.S.A. for several years, petitioned for his children to join him in Queens, NY where he shortly after migrated to.

The migration to the U.S.A., was not as it was portrayed in the movies. Asfa had to work blue collar jobs to make ends meet. Helping his father and mother whenever financially possible. His music, his food, was left on the back-burner for a few years, while he assimilated to the American culture.

 As time passed, Asfa’s craving grew stronger. Music was beckoning him to come back, to reach the epitome of his childhood desires. This time not as a dj but as a singer. In August 2011, Asfa met producers Roger Grant and Patrick Dunn of Philadelphia based label 619 Entertainment and in September 2011 Grant flew to Jacksonville, Florida and recorded two singles “Not The Life” and “Bacchanal" with the artist. Asfa later travelled to Philadelphia where the work continued resulting in two more songs “Take a Look” and “Mother I,” the latter dedicated to his late mother. Creating his own imprint Jecoliah Entertainment Production in 2011, and appointing Roger Grant as his manager was an indication of how serious he was this time around.

He launched his career with the single Mother I then followed up with the current hit Not The LIfe which also can be found on the bestselling compilation the Question Riddim album on 619 Entertainment/VP. He is also in the throes of completing an album tilted Journeying to be released on his own label. Two excellent videos for both singles are also out and can be enjoyed on Youtube and other platforms.

The social media is buzzing with the name Asfa and he can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reverbnation, Whotune etc, and a faltering reggae music scene hungry for new talent of quality is already taking notice.

In January 2013, Asfa released his first digital EP "Take A Look". It's now available at Itunes - Amazon - Junodownload


1) Official Singles:
.2012 - Bacchanal
[Label: Jecoliah Entertainment Production & 619 Entertainment Group]
.2012 - Mother I
[Label: Jecoliah Entertainment Production]
.2012 - Take A Look
[Label: Jecoliah Entertainment Production]
.2012 - Not The Life
[Label: Jecoliah Entertainment Production & 619 Entertainment Group]
.2013 - Vanity
[Label: Jecoliah Entertainment Production/VPAL]

2) EP:
.2013 - Take A Look EP

3) Collaboration & Guest appearance:
.2012 - "Not The Life" by Asfa, song released on the Compilation 'Question Riddim'
[Label: 619 Entertainment Group]

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Asfa's Discography:

New EP:

Asfa "Take A Look EP" 2013
(Original Press):
Asfa "Take A Look Ep" 2013
1) Take A Look. 2) Not The Life. 3) Bacchanal. 4) Mother I. 5) Vanity.
[Label: Jecoliah Entertainment Production/VPAL (Digital EP: 2013)]

Buy "Take A Look EP" at Itunes - Amazon - Junodownload

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Jecoliah Entertainment Production

619 Entertainment Group
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Roger Grant  (Managing Director)
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Asfa "Not The Life" 2012 - (Official Music Video)

 Asfa "Bacchanal" 2012 - (Official Music Video)


Special thanks to Roger Grant & Asfa

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